Phoenix Wedding

No, I didn't make this cake. But it is pretty!

Ah, yes. The wedding cake. Today I went to my friend’s sister’s wedding. The following story has nothing to do with the cake, but I don’t have a picture of the Prickly Pear Mojito, however, that was involved.

My friend, being the sister’s bride and all, was the maid of honor. So she had to attend to her honorary duties a few hours before the wedding. I arrived at the wedding a little bit before it started and chatted up one of the relatives while waiting in the bar of the country club where the wedding was. And he ended up buying me a drink (Prickly Pear Mojito). He immediately found someone else to talk to and I sat down with the aunts of the bride.

One of them starts worrying about when the ushers would let us into the ceremony site. Not a second later, we see a large group of people being let out by the ushers. I still have my full drink, and deciding that it would have been in bad taste to drink during the ceremony, but being too Jewasian to just abandon a full drink, I decide to gulp it down as quickly as I could.

By this time the aunts had already made it half way to the ceremony site and I’m running after them (as only a slightly tipsy girl in stilettos does before a wedding) and when I catch up, I say to them “Oh my gosh, BRAIN FREEZE!” The aunts thought this was hilarious, but kept walking to their seats. Letting me gracefully stumble into the ceremony.

Congratulations Erin and AJ Brotherton! And thank you for inviting your little sister’s best friend(me)!


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