Casual Family Lunch

Casual Family Lunch

My Chinese grandparents were in town and came over for lunch. We turned out quite a spread.

Starting at 12 o’clock going clock wise: Quick Garden Salad with Grandpa King’s Vine Ripened Tomatoes, store bought (hey now, we like convenience every once in a while) chicken and leek pot-stickers, Grandpa King’s Fried Rice with Onion, Carrot and Chinese Style Sausage, Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls with Chicken, Basil and Mint, and Grandpa King’s Famous Coconut Curry.

As you might be able to tell, Grandpa King is the cook in the family. We joke (sort of, but not really) all the time about making reservations and dining requests at the “King’s Restaurant” when we go over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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