Inspirational Pasta Dinner, Napa 2010

Inspirational Pasta Dinner, Napa 2010

Night before the big race, Team Challenge teams from all across the country gathered at a secret location (looks like a country club/ golf course to me!) for a pasta dinner while listening to amazing speeches given by people who have either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Truly an inspirational and moving night! Definitely made all the hard work we put into fundraising and training feel so much more meaningful.

The food was generic pasta, some provencal style vegetables and cookies. My cookie fell off my plate on my way back to the table from the buffet and everyone at my table felt my pain. After some pep talks from my teammates, I did manage to muster the courage to go back up to the buffet line and snag me another cookie. It was delicious and I’m glad I went back for another one.


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