Accidental Brownies

Accidental brownies

My friend Elizabeth and I got together to make some cookies. She picked up some Betty Crocker instant cookie mixes for us to make. One of the mixes was the double chocolate chip. Sounds great, right?

Well, when I wasn’t looking, she poured in what she thought was 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. What you don’t know, is that she has a bad habit of using dry measuring cups for liquids.

I came over to look at the bowl and comment how thin the batter looks. I check to see how much oil she put in and that’s when she notices that she used a 1/3 dry measuring cup to measure the oil. She put in 2/3 cup oil (think it was 2 1/4 cups). I advised her to add about a cup of flour to the batter and bake it into brownies.

We put a ton of walnuts on half for her dad. They actually turned out decent enough. And we all lived happily ever after. The End



2 thoughts on “Accidental Brownies

  1. …wait, there are different measuring cups for dry vs. wet? ..Why? Don’t they end up being the same measurements?

    Also, I’d like to defend myself and say that I thought I was added two 1/8ths of a cup to make 1/4th. A. Because I can add and B. Because ‘3’ looks like ‘8’.

    …thirdly, I think people might get the (right) impression that I’m your only friend from reading your blog.

    • The dry cups are a very loose translation for weight while the wet are an exact ml^3 measurement… I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about it earlier. My bad.
      Oh, and you might be one of my only friends worth mentioning on a very well read blog such as this.

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