Japanese inspired fuit display


My friend Elizabeth’s parents spent several year in Japan for work and have acquired several artistic arrangement styles and incorporated them through out their house.

One of my favorite ones is there bright and colorful display where they keep their fruit. I love the bright orange and blues that compliment and contrast. It reminds me of the bright colors normally found in a lot of Latin folk art but with a simple and different (dare I say bolder) expression of color with out intricate patterns.

Or maybe I was just desperate for a food related picture and used this one on a whim? Possibly.


One thought on “Japanese inspired fuit display

  1. More like radio-active-infested fiesta wear designed to be a subtle hint to make me pay the rent.

    “Oooh, have some bananas, will you? I want you to eat fruit because it’s delicious and healthy.”

    I’m on to you, Mom and Dad. On to you.

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