Turnip Greens and Bacon

Turnip Greens and Bacon

I was walking around a Food 4 Less grocery store looking at different cheap leafy greens to buy. Turns out turnip greens were on sale! Woot!

Something about slightly bitter greens reminds me of all the Chinese sauteed vegetables I ate growing up at my grandparents’ house. I tell myself that it’s low calorie so it’s ok to eat the whole thing.

This isn’t a real recipe, ore like a random concoction of what looked good in my fridge at the time, but I’ll give you the play by play on how I made this.

Cooked two sliced of bacon until just slightly crisp and then added about half of a sliced up onion. Then added the whole bunch of chopped turnip greens. Then some chopped garlic, about 2 cloves.

A little salt and pepper later, and the result was a happy Wendy.


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